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In our neck of the woods (or concrete, rather) we wear a lot of fleece. It’s pretty windy and cold in San Francisco. Especially in July. But who wants your baby always in Patagonia? So to the rescue is Mack and Co. We have several complete fleece outfits from Mack and Co and have been very happy with their durability and warmth. No website dedicated, but the products can be found in many places, including on other websites and at Nordstrom. Perfect gifts for the grandparents to give?


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Just heard on Red Tricycle about this new “mini-retreat” for moms thing by local gal Amy Tirion. Here’s a link to the article. It’s like a three hour getaway thing during the week and includes “light” yoga, mini massages, meditation, snacks, journaling. Anyhow, yeah that sounds nice.

But seriously? I’m going to pay $160 for a four-week session, then more to hire a babysitter so I can go doodle? Are you people insane? I’d rather have someone take my kid for an hour and have a massage. From a professional.

* Please note I have NOT attended a workshop, and this is NOT a review.

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Found this brand on Zulily (again, if you haven’t heard of it, and are pregnant or have some kids, you should check it out. Really, really quality stuff–and I’ve ordered from them and was very happy with shipping, products, et cetera). They’re called SoyBaby and not only are the products ecologically sound, but they are really cute and practical.

Here is San Francisco, we need a lot of long sleeves, and it’s almost impossible to find cute and long sleeves together. TADA! Here (see above) we have both.

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Taylor's Refresher San Francisco at the Ferry Plaza

Until Saturday afternoon, I had never caused a public scene. Well, not one that I remembered anyhow. The following story shall be blamed on hormones.

My husband and I were in Napa for our Babymoon, and stopped for lunch at the long-standing diner, Taylor’s Refresher, on 1st Street in Napa. We ordered garden burgers. I realized after we had put in our order that we weren’t asked if we wanted cheese, and we both did. So I returned to the counter with money and receipt in hand to ask that cheese be added to our burgers.

The lady behind the register was clearly irritated by the request, but began to comply, charging me $2.18 for the cheeses. Then, she checked with her line cooks, who said the order was already ready. She told me that “your order’s done. No changes.” She shoved my money back across the counter. I said, “really, because no one asked us if we wanted cheese, and that seems like an oversight, and–”

With a nasty sneer, she said, “it’s right there on the menu, sweetheart.” She shook her head at me and turned to another customer.  Seriously? I told her that I wouldn’t be returning to this restaurant and walked back to the table. Our order came up momentarily, and my husband picked it up. But I was so angry with this woman, who had been so rude to a VERY pregnant lady who clearly needed cheese, that I said I didn’t want to stay.

My husband packed up our things and took me outside, but I didn’t get far. At an outside table far from other customers, I sat down and broke into hysterical tears. “Why would she be so mean?” I asked. “I was willing to pay for the cheese. Why did she treat me like I’m stupid?” More hysterics. My husband had never seen anything like this from me, and was woefully inept to deal with it. But the guy at the table behind us came right over.

“I’m a manager here, what can I help you with?”

I was crying too hard to say anything, so my husband filled the guy in. He immediately took our garden burger order (with the cheese) and told us he would get us new burgers. He then brought us sweet potato fries on the house, and apologized for the woman behind the counter (who he insisted was a really nice person–yeah, to her boss I’m sure she is.)

I had never had such an experience before. We got new burgers, and free fries, and a nice apology, and all I had to was break into hysperical tears. I’m thinking of making it a regular thing.

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mani_feet230x245San Francisco is not often thought-of as a good city for parents and children. Oh, there’s the California Academy of Science, and the deYoung kids activity Friday Nights, but on a daily basis, it’s not a great city in which to have kids. The school placement system is screwed up and sends anyone who can afford it into private schools, the cost of living is too high, we all live in very small spaces, and few houses in neat neighborhoods have yards or even garages. But, at least we can get a mani-pedi while someone else watches our children.

Yes, that’s right. Mani + Nanny will give you a peaceful hour of lotiony happiness without the necessity of calling a sitter. Now, isn’t that special.

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Lard-Chips-292x300So, here in San Francisco we have food carts. Sometimes they are called “karts” but they always have food in them. Sometime, twenty-hour hours. You know how important that can be to a pregger person.

The big news is that San Francisco (after years of being hoardish about licencing) will begin to allow food carts in Golden Gate Park. (Currently there is one exceedingly overpriced hot dog stand at the corner of the deYoung/California Academy and JFK Blvd. Kristin_Cart

Well, as reported in Sunset Magazine this month, the food carts move around a lot (which seems to be their advantage) and the only way to know when one will arrive on a corner near me exactly when I want a kurry kart is to stalk them on Twitter. So, here for the San Franciscans who really need it (the pregnant ones) is a list of the carts that have Twitter accounts, and their specialty foods. Click on the link below to stalk these food carts with me.

To find food carts to stalk in your own city, search on Twitter under your location and use the word “cart.”

Magic Curry Kart has… curry! No reports yet on its magic powers.

The Chai Cart has… chai! And sweetie items, too.

The Sweet Cart has… sweets! Like red velvet cupcakes.

Boccalone Salumeria delivers sandwiches and “salty tasty pig parts” on a red bicycle.

Gumbo Cart has… Gumbo! And other Lousiana cookin’.

The Creme Brulee Cart has… creme brulee! In vanilla, chocolate, lavender…

Brazillian Bites has… chocolate! Brazillian chocolate thingies called Brigadeiro, or choclooate shots.

Amuse Bouche SF has muffins. For only one dollar!

The Cookie Wagon has… cookies you can order to be delivered downtown (usually at your workplace).

The Sexy Soup Cart lady has… soup. No accounting for how sexy you feel afterwards, but it is organic.

Late night Spencer on the Go serves frog legs and escargot… just in case you’re having one of those pregnancies.

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