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So, in case you don’t know what a “stride” is, it’s a running term for short sprint exercises. These exercises are meant to increase your stamina and overall race-day speed. I’m no where near race-ready, but Stroller Strides is helping. I think.

Stroller Strides at Chrissy Field, San Francisco

If you’re not familiar, but might be interested, Stroller Strides is a national franchise and can be found in many major cities. The classes are similar to a circuit class, where you do a cardio blast for five to ten minutes, then do weights, followed by more cardio. Many classes are conducted outside, and consist of walking or running with your stroller (and presumably, child) then stopping to use bands or benches to do bicep curls, tricep exercises, push-ups, crunches, or squats.

I like that no one bugs you if you need to hand your baby a pacifier, or clean up spit-up. Everyone understands, and is kind. And, it connects you with other moms in your area who may know good babysitters.

It’s also an affordable way ($60/mo. unlimited classes) to get back in shape. I like it so far. I’ll report back on how butt-burning it really is.


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6a00d83451b18a69e2010535a7b3c3970b-320wiThis was my fifth year completing the Nike Womens’ Half Marathon. It was my first time pregnant, however, and I did a lot more walking than I normally do. And, a LOT more peeing.

In fact, I felt like it was a race from Porta-Potty to Porta-Potty. That was the only time I was inspired to run. I would be sauntering along, holding up my swollen belly, cursing my swollen feet, then see in the distance a line of green and white plastic boxes. Slap, slap, slap, my little feet forgot how much they hurt and booked it to the nearest bathroom line.

Sadly, I saw more interior Porta-Potty than I did San Francisco skyline. But, that’s OK. At least I didn’t have to use the Safeway restroom or an “unauthorized bathroom area” as I have on past runs… but I’m definitely looking forward to my next race, with baby watching rather than riding.

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Not me... yet!

Not me... yet!

One of the perks of being pregnant is that everyone thinks you’re amazing and mighty if you do everyday things despite your girth. This will be my fifth year running the same race, but my training and participation in the annual Nike Women’s Marathon has impressed almost everyone. It’s my intro line now. “Yes, I’m pregnant, but I’ll still be running Nike in a few months.” I even say it to random cashiers and check-out clerks. It’s great for a momentary pick me up. They always say. “WOW! That’s amazing!”

In fact, think I’ll go to the grocery store right now.

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So, bending over. Turns out that’s like, hard. I like to sometimes have dinner in front of the tele, and I’ll sit on a floor pillow. Too hard to get all the way down there, then all the way back up. Too hard. Had to give it up.

Running. Also too hard. How do those gazelle-like women do it? I realize I am more hipp than gazelle, but seriously. I’ve run four half marathons and placed in the top hundred in my age group for a tri. Am I weak, or is this just how it goes?

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