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So, if you’re lazy, like Tori Spelling, you can purchase a cape from the reputable source Power Capes. (If you’re in San Francisco, you can drop by Paragraph on 9th Ave in the Inner Sunset to get a unique cape). But if you’re crafty, follow these simple instruction to make your own!

You’ll need

1 yard poly-blend satin fabric

Fat quarter or 1/2 yard second (and/or third) color poly-blend satin fabric

Heatbond (to attach the applique)

Sewing machine, thread, iron… the usual

Measure your child from neck to foot, then from the tip to tip of his/her fingers. Draw a pattern using these measurements, or just draw on the wrong side of the fabric. Cut it out. Your cape should look like a half-circle.

Now cut the neck tie: a good length is 4″ by 16″. You’ll fold this in half, so don’t make it too skinny.

Now create your own applique. Follow the instructions on the Heatbond to adhere the bond to the fabric. Now draw, then cut out your design. Some basic ideas are a big star, a heart, a lightening bolt, a letter, or two of those layer on each other. Get creative.

Iron your necktie in half length-wise. Center it on the top of your cape, folded side toward the bottom of the cape. Draw a half-in seam line on each piece. Snip into the fabric of cape (not over the seam line) and center. Match your seam lines, mark and sew 6-8 ” only. (Note that you can also cut a shorter necktie and attach velcro to the ends if you’e worried your child will strangle themselves -see above photo).

Now take the unsewn ends of the neck tie and fold the ragged edge in on both sides, and topstitch or overcast stitch for longevity and strength. If there’s any give to your fabric, make sure to use the proper stretch stitch.

Now, iron-on your applique, and sew around the edges with a zig-zag or overcast stitch. Finally, fold in all your hems and topstitch. TADA!


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