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So, it’s been nine months since my baby was born… and I still have about twelve pounds to lose. All right in my belly. I’m like a skinny person with a huge belly-fat tumor. I shouldn’t joke about such things I suppose, but I am considering making some extra Christmas cash by joining the staff at Santa’s (Macy’s) Workshop.

And… painfully, I just saw a friend who I hadn’t seen since she was seven months pregnant, who now has a three-month old. She has already lost all the weight. I told her how amazingly stick-bug skinny she looks, and she said, “I know! And imagine, with the first one, it took me two years to lose all the weight!” Then she laughed maniacally. I cried later, in the closet, with my bottle of Chenin Blanc.

So, I’m giving myself another two months or so… but then I’m considering a tummy tuck. And that’s that.


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From today’s San Francisco Chronicle in “Public Eavesdropping”…

“Mom, come in swimming!

There are lots more mothers fatter than you in the pool.”

Young girl in pool yelling at her mother… overheard at a resort.

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I stopped breastfeeding (despite some nasty comments about how I shouldn’t stop breastfeeding “because of vanity”) and I have already started losing weight. It’s like, a week after the factory closed, five pounds, bye bye. It’s helped to keep up my workouts and watch what I eat, but I was doing that before, and nothing was budging off my middle.

I still have like fifteen pounds to lose, but that’s better than twenty-plus. Finally, finally. I’m on my way back to me.

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