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The great diaper debate rages on in our household. Now that they have compostable diapers, there’s more grief than ever about continuing to use the disposables (even the Seventh Generation recycled ones). Today’s article in the Chronicle has made me think more about it.

But, as the article mentions (at the very very end) the more important issues are composting food scraps and paper that has food on it (like paper plates) and paper towels. As long as we keep doing that, just thinking about compostable diapers might be good enough for a few more months.

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It’s seven a.m. Night diaper situation ended with peed-on bed sheets. She’s spit-uped all over three separate outfits. I’ve gone through two outfits. It’s seven a.m. and I’m so done for today.

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Benching it

This weekend we had our first park-outing with the whole family (including my brother and sister-in-law). And, of course, we had the auspicious opportunity to change my daughter at the playground. So, I got out the diaper bag.

“I used to be able to change one of those in a minute flat,” my brother-in-law bragged.

I gave him a sideways look.

My sister-in-law then said, “not in a park honey. Whole different story.” Her husband shrugged, as if to say, what’s the big deal?

“Honey,” she said. “Have you benched it? Have you done it in the back seat of a car? Have you trunked it? Have you? Then you haven’t changed a diaper.”


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Blogger Trying to be Greener reviews Nature Babycare diapers, which seem interesting… I have so many cloth diapers right now (coming out my ears) I can’t review another diaper for a week or two. But, I’m thinking of trying these before gdiapers. We’ll see. Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion.

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I know, I know. I am such a tree hugger. I never thought I would say this. I love these. I LOVE Pampers. They are soft like flannel. They don’t leave red marks on my daughter’s bum. They are easy to use, to pack, and to store. The down side is pretty much limited to the fact that they ruin the planet and stuff.

For the record, I also tried Huggies. I hated them. My daughter hated them. They are rough, they fit too tight on our fat little legs, and they were cut too low in front. Pampers are far superior and cost the same.

If you’re going to ruin the planet, do it with Swaddlers.

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What’s better for the planet? Seventh Generation (recycled but disposable) diapers?  Cloth diapers through a diaper service? Pampers Swaddlers disposables that are quick and easy and save everyone’s sanity so no one gets hurt?

Probably it would be better for the planet for us not to have children at all. Oh. Oops.

So, I’m trying all three. Reports to come.

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Wry Baby Clothes Pile

Wry Baby Clothes Pile

The whole point of these registry things is so that people buy you baby stuff you need and want, right? So how come people ignore them? My mother’s friends have given me a ton of cute clothing… great! (I already had about five boxes of hand-me-downs, but it’s really nice to have new things). But… barely anyone looked at the registry, or brought something helpful like, I don’t know–diapers?! Is it the older generation, or do people just not like to be told what to buy?

Maybe a bit of both…

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