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The great diaper debate rages on in our household. Now that they have compostable diapers, there’s more grief than ever about continuing to use the disposables (even the Seventh Generation recycled ones). Today’s article in the Chronicle has made me think more about it.

But, as the article mentions (at the very very end) the more important issues are composting food scraps and paper that has food on it (like paper plates) and paper towels. As long as we keep doing that, just thinking about compostable diapers might be good enough for a few more months.

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lThe saddest thing about pregnancy is that my usual cheer-myself-up routines don’t work. I can’t go shopping for clothing (not real clothing at least), I can’t go have a martini (or three), and I can’t go spend all my money on a new Kitchen Aid because we’re supposed to be saving for the baby (that little money grubber). I can, however, treat myself to something really special to eat (and I LOVE to eat, as Julia Child used to say).

Here are a few really worthwhile special, fancy, expensive (for chocolate) chocolate-makers. Some you can visit in the Bay Area; all you can buy online.

Recchiuti Confections (pronounced Ray-cutie) has a shop in the Ferry Plaza, makes chocolate with Jackson Pollack-like art atop, and they donate to local NPR affiliate KQED. So many reasons to purchase their chocolate.

Cocoabella has a little shop in my old neighborhood of the Marina. It’s adorable in the way that the chocolate shop in the film Chocolat is; sweet and light blue and enticing.

Fiona’s Sweetshoppe isn’t just for chocolate, but it’s the cutest old-timey candy shop in the city. They have British imports, and old favorites, and lots of chocolate, of course.

XOX Truffles is a funny little shop in North Beach that sells all kinds of truffles. They aren’t as pretty as the pieces of art that come from Recchiuti, but they sure taste good!

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