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OK, so toys are fun, but what every Mom wants her kid to get for the holidays is clothes. Expensive clothes they could never justify buying, given the cost of diapers and formula. Today’s super cute items are from Hazel… which fortunately also creates women’s clothes, sold through Piper Lime. Check them out!

And… I will be going on hiatus for the holiday and potentially indefinitely. Thank you to my readers over these past two years; it’s been fun. Can you believe it, my daughter is almost ONE!

I am working on a new blog, and when it is ready, I’ll reveal it here as well.


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Found this brand on Zulily (again, if you haven’t heard of it, and are pregnant or have some kids, you should check it out. Really, really quality stuff–and I’ve ordered from them and was very happy with shipping, products, et cetera). They’re called SoyBaby and not only are the products ecologically sound, but they are really cute and practical.

Here is San Francisco, we need a lot of long sleeves, and it’s almost impossible to find cute and long sleeves together. TADA! Here (see above) we have both.

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