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Christian Siriano

As if I didn’t already love Christian Siriano enough, he’s come out with designs for Fierce Mamas. I spied the first commercial product in the PajamaGram catalogue. If only I had the adorable skinny body with just a bump like the model, I would actually buy it…there are several other styles at Target for those still pregnant.

But I do recommmend the nursing outfit from Japanese Weekend also at PajamaGram. Will flatter any figure. Even post-partum can’t lose a pound and can’t stop eating figures.


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I am lucky enough that my mother has become “the help.” She takes care of the baby when I’m at work, cooks me diner to go once a week, and buys me staples like toilet paper and wine. Sadly, she’s not available for housekeeping.

I have always wanted a housekeeper, but have only had occasional help, like before or after a move into a new apartment or house. Do you want to know why I hesitate? Because my Spanish is terrible.

But now I have no excuse. I found this incredible website that gives you Spanish sentences for housekeeping help. It’s fantastic. You have to try it.

And if you’re in San Francisco, there is a really great service called La Colectiva where the workers are a collective and they all use eco cleaning products. They also offer $10 off your service if you supply the green cleaning products yourself.

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The Wreckage

Technically, I understood that your body “changes” after you have a baby. I was worried about risidual stretch marks (check) not being able to hold my pee (I’m OK there) discomfort during sex (no comment) et cetera. But no one warned me that even two months after the fact, my hips, knees, and various other joints would feel stiff, cracky, and painful. I feel like I was hit by a truck.

Is it the Relaxin? Is it the trauma of the birth itself? Whatever it is, I wish that I didn’t feel like my legs were going to fall off every time I walk around the house.

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