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So, I guess it’s OK that the labor took over 30 hours… since it meant her being born on December 8th, a good friend’s birthday, and not the Day That Will Live in Infamy. That wouldn’t have been as cute.

Meet Kara. More when I’ve had a little sleep. Just a little…

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Thank you, my readers, for being so supportive over the last nine months. Thank you for your comments, for your insights, and for your wisdom. You have helped keep me sane during an insane time in my life.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

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Adam Goldberg in (Untitled)

My friend Catherine’s new movie opens today in major metro areas, including San Francisco, and it has been given amazing reviews.  I saw (Untitled) starring Adam Goldberg (of Two Days in Paris) at the San Francisco Film Festival, and I loved it. Clever, witty, charming. Click on the link above to watch the trailer, then go see it this weekend!

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Is this a cute thing to do, or is this a totally intrusive, weird, misdirected attempt to make Grandmas across the nation the center of attention?

My mother had one of these this past weekend. I thought the idea was cute at first (I wasn’t invited). Then, my mom reported that she was given a $150 gift card to Babies R’ Us (that she’s keeping to buy what she likes with) and the pack n’ play that I wanted, and “an entire library of books.” I have like, five books. Um, who is having this baby again? Um, who is scrimping and saving to try to buy a bleepety changing pad and diaper crate? Um, whose feet are swollen to the size of buckets because of carrying the baby for the past eight-plus months?

And let me just say if she doesn’t buy us things the baby needs with that gift card, I’ll totally go ballistic.

But hey, whatever. Nice gesture for her friends and all that. Very special.

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My father, an Army man, in VietNam, 1969

My father, an Army man, in VietNam, 1969

Giving a gift to my husband seems a little premature, but some recognition of the hell he’s going through during my pregnancy seems in order.

So, I am giving him a page of quotes I found in Real Simple in their June 2007 issue. The “Month’s Question” was “What’s your favorite piece of advice from your father?” These are a few of my favorites.

“Smile! It makes everybody wonder what you’re up to.”

“Look for the lessons, learn, and let it go.”

“Always wear good shoes.”

“Make a decision or someone else will make it for you.”

“Be alert, ’cause we need more ‘lerts around here.”

“You’ve got to learn to ask for what you need.”

“It’s easier to stay out of trouble than to get out of trouble.”

“Never lend money to anyone. Give it instead.”

“Always have a good, firm handshake.”

And from my own father: “Buy the best you can afford; you’ll never regret it.”

They also have some Father’s Day quotes at the Real Simple website.

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So, there are some blabber mouths in our family.

We wanted to spread the preggo news to the essential people–you know, immediate family? That’s like: Mom, Dad, brothers, sisters. Well… one of the brothers has the biggest mouth in history, and now we’re in “trouble” with our extended family members for not “telling them ourselves.” Really? Is that expected? Calling up people we never call to say, “hey, we’re knocked up!”

I don’t know… most people who heard through another blabber mouth sent sweet e-mails or cards with baby feet on them. One of my mother’s best friends even sent me a gorgeous bouquet. Where’s the love from the family?!

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Telling people the “good news” has been difficult. First, I was worried about miscarriage (and still am a little, despite everything seeming to be OK) and then I was worried about two of my good friends who are still trying, and have moved into the pregnancy assistance phase. First, I didn’t want to share with everyone. I did, however, feel we should tell parents. Well… parents told other parents, and siblings, and then siblings told aunts and uncles and now everyone knows. So we went ahead and told most of our friends, even though I wanted to wait until after the Down Syndrome et. al. tests. Except, I still haven’t told my “trying” friends… I need an intro line. I need a soothing intro line. Oh, who am I kidding. When I was in that position, nothing anyone could say would have made me feel overjoyed for someone else; I am too selfish. I guess I’ll just hope my friends are less self-centered than I am. They probably are.

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