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In light of the holiday maddness that’s approaching, I’ve decided to feature several eco-conscious, handmade artisans of baby crafts. I hope you’ll consider making this holiday season a handmade and eco-conscious one! Note that if you choose to buy locally, there is an Etsy Shop Local tool to find nearby shops.

Today we’ll look at Tiny Giraffe Shop, maker of the Mod Blocks. Amy, the owner of Tiny Giraffe, is a Crafty Mom of two little girls. Her blocks are unique and adorable! What a perfect gift for a new baby.

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On the Prudent Baby (if you haven’t been over there, it’s essenial) they have a DIY-by-craft area. Priceless. Can’t sew, that’s OK. Love to sew, great, have that, too. Current favorite DIY project they offer is baby shoes.

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The great diaper debate rages on in our household. Now that they have compostable diapers, there’s more grief than ever about continuing to use the disposables (even the Seventh Generation recycled ones). Today’s article in the Chronicle has made me think more about it.

But, as the article mentions (at the very very end) the more important issues are composting food scraps and paper that has food on it (like paper plates) and paper towels. As long as we keep doing that, just thinking about compostable diapers might be good enough for a few more months.

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Several options await… but don’t await too long or the good ones will be gone!

TuTu Moi is pricey, but these are some classy princess styles! Also have dresses for Mom. And lots of their stuff can actually be worn as real dresses… you know she’ll want to wear it all day anyhow.

Tutu Moi comes in many sizes.

Simply Princess, by Little Adventures.

Wishing Wear has Wizard Costumes as well…

Princess Expressions (find on Amazon) includes all the frippery, and has an affordable price tag,

Pottery Barn stuff is actually pretty good. They have infant costumes for about thirty dollars; which isn’t too bad. You can also make a costume yourself, of course. With all that extra time you have…

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Handmade Hats at Etsy!

Not that she or he needs it, obviously. But in case you’re getting ready for that photo op and all you can find is the Princess Lea hat. Here’s another option.

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There are so many ways… never bathe, wear sweats constantly, go around unknowlingly with peanut butter smeared on your cheek for 24 hours (check, check, check). But today, let’s do this one: a hat. And no, it’s not dog doo hair.

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They are little wild things, aren’t they? We are no more aware of our animal nature than when our babies roll and climb, grunting and groaning and chewing and biting.

That’s why I really like these outfits from NOO Australia. It’s just so… fitting. Especially since my daughter has just learned to “grrrrrooooowwwwl!”

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