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So, it’s been nine months since my baby was born… and I still have about twelve pounds to lose. All right in my belly. I’m like a skinny person with a huge belly-fat tumor. I shouldn’t joke about such things I suppose, but I am considering making some extra Christmas cash by joining the staff at Santa’s (Macy’s) Workshop.

And… painfully, I just saw a friend who I hadn’t seen since she was seven months pregnant, who now has a three-month old. She has already lost all the weight. I told her how amazingly stick-bug skinny she looks, and she said, “I know! And imagine, with the first one, it took me two years to lose all the weight!” Then she laughed maniacally. I cried later, in the closet, with my bottle of Chenin Blanc.

So, I’m giving myself another two months or so… but then I’m considering a tummy tuck. And that’s that.


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Several options await… but don’t await too long or the good ones will be gone!

TuTu Moi is pricey, but these are some classy princess styles! Also have dresses for Mom. And lots of their stuff can actually be worn as real dresses… you know she’ll want to wear it all day anyhow.

Tutu Moi comes in many sizes.

Simply Princess, by Little Adventures.

Wishing Wear has Wizard Costumes as well…

Princess Expressions (find on Amazon) includes all the frippery, and has an affordable price tag,

Pottery Barn stuff is actually pretty good. They have infant costumes for about thirty dollars; which isn’t too bad. You can also make a costume yourself, of course. With all that extra time you have…

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Just heard on Red Tricycle about this new “mini-retreat” for moms thing by local gal Amy Tirion. Here’s a link to the article. It’s like a three hour getaway thing during the week and includes “light” yoga, mini massages, meditation, snacks, journaling. Anyhow, yeah that sounds nice.

But seriously? I’m going to pay $160 for a four-week session, then more to hire a babysitter so I can go doodle? Are you people insane? I’d rather have someone take my kid for an hour and have a massage. From a professional.

* Please note I have NOT attended a workshop, and this is NOT a review.

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Handmade Hats at Etsy!

Not that she or he needs it, obviously. But in case you’re getting ready for that photo op and all you can find is the Princess Lea hat. Here’s another option.

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There are so many ways… never bathe, wear sweats constantly, go around unknowlingly with peanut butter smeared on your cheek for 24 hours (check, check, check). But today, let’s do this one: a hat. And no, it’s not dog doo hair.

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Are you mine?

I remember a day

confusion and joy, pain

when you came

I think you’re


even if you don’t

look like me.

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In the blog The Mixed up Files, blogger Jennifer Bertman interviews children and young adult book authors. But, she paused to add this wonderful entry from her own mixed up files. It’s a record of children’s comments, overheard at Thanksgiving. Worth a click!

Here’s my own:

Overheard on Chestnut Street outside of Catnip + Bones:

Mom: Well, if I were a dog I wouldn’t want to wear clothes outside.

Child: Me neither. I hate that.

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