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Of course, after telling me how beautiful my daughter is, everyone then says, “she looks just like your husband!”



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No… still not talking about me! (Although after eight weeks with stroller strides, I am more toned. No weight loss yet, but I am looking slightly more aerodynamic… in the way a blimp is aerodynamic.)

But I just saw these awesome fit mommy maternity clothes from Fit2BMom. I think the halter (above) is particularly flattering on a pregnant belly. Very nice stretchy material, too! Today they have a deal for these items on Zulily. If you haven’t checked out these “daily deal” websites, they’re fun.

Zulily has children’s clothes and toys and maternity wear. They’ll send you a daily e-mail with discounts. Just try not to buy something everyday. We need to start saving for college, after all. It will be like one million dollars a semester by 2030.

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My child eats paper. Another mother said her child loved nothing more than a really really thick piece of good quality stock. “Like a wedding invitation?” I said. “Exactly,” she said. But my infant has no such requirements. All paper is equal in her eyes. And edible.

I think it began when I started reading the newspaper while she played with her many and varied age-appropriate toys. She would grab. I would pull away. She would grab. I would pull away. Eventually I relented and gave her something no one cared about, like the front page.

Right into the mouth. Five seconds later her mouth and chin were covered in ink. But hey, I’d had time to read one of the comic strips. Whatever.

But this seems to have started an unfortunate trend, and now, mail call is the best time of day. Fishing little chewed pieces of paper out of her mouth is a daily routine. Lord help me is she gets paper and I’m not there to watch her every second. Junk mail–a new choking hazard. As if it weren’t annoying enough before.

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I guess I should just start with: is there anyone out there who is exactly like me, only someone else, and also someone willing to be paid less than I am willing to be paid?

How hard is this whole thing. So, so hard. I thought, oh, hey, whatever, get a nanny. But after having my mother take care of our baby two mornings a week while I returned to work, we have been spoiled. Spoiled by love, affection, dinners, care, and guilt. OK, there was the guilt thing, but basically my mother’s care taking skills are excellent, so who can compare?

We’ll see next week when the interviews begin.

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We’re off to the in-laws (or as my friends call them, “the outlaws”). Hope it won’t be too much of a mess.

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is not eat anything.

I have tried to be smart about this. But in three months of healthful eating, Stroller Strides three days a week, running two-to-three days a week and long walks on “rest days” I have lost exactly one pound. Seriously?

The only things I can do are detailed here, in Amy Ozols’ article from The New Yorker about how to be thin. And I WANT to be thin. Enjoy.

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