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I can’t wait until May 7th, when the documentary Babies comes out in the United States. The film follows four babies in the first year of their lives.

According to Yahoo Movies, the film introduces “Ponijao, who lives with her family near Opuwo, Namibia; Bayarjargal, who resides with his family in Mongolia, near Bayanchandmani; Mari, who lives with her family in Tokyo, Japan; and Hattie, who resides with her family in the United States, in San Francisco”

Watch the beautiful trailer here.

Can’t wait!

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Christian Siriano

As if I didn’t already love Christian Siriano enough, he’s come out with designs for Fierce Mamas. I spied the first commercial product in the PajamaGram catalogue. If only I had the adorable skinny body with just a bump like the model, I would actually buy it…there are several other styles at Target for those still pregnant.

But I do recommmend the nursing outfit from Japanese Weekend also at PajamaGram. Will flatter any figure. Even post-partum can’t lose a pound and can’t stop eating figures.

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There’s no way that the parents of a seven month old baby would:

a.) not wake up until noon or 2 in the afternoon

b.) not say goodnight to their seven-month-old baby

which would result in:

c.) forget to take their baby out of the car for thirteen hours

Are you kidding me? Things you leave in a car: keys, wallet, phone. Child? No, sorry, not on the list.  This seems like a pretty clear case of neglect, perhaps purposeful neglect. The full article detailing the child’s death is here.

Experts say about 36 children die in similar situations each year. Experts also suggest solutions to this leaving-your-kid-in-the-car “problem.” They are:

Leave a stuffed animal in the front seat of the car.

Leave a bag in the backseat.

Get enough sleep and have help with the baby.

How about: try not to be a complete moron.

First off, the whole “leave a stuffed animal in the front seat to remember” is bullshit. If you’re such a bad parent that you need a stuffed animal in the front seat to remember that you have a kid, you shouldn’t have had one. Second, that won’t work anyhow. If you forget your kid, are you really going to remember what a stuffed animal is doing in your front seat?

And, it’s inconvenient to leave your bag (with your phone and wallet) in the backseat. There are better ways to remember your kid. Maybe start with remembering you have a kid.

And, yep it would be great if new parents got plenty of sleep and had plenty of help, but that’s just not realistic for everyone. In the Antioch baby’s case, the family had just come from “a relative’s home” so they had help. And it didn’t help.

This is what we do. We bring in the car seat, not just the kid. One of the excuses cited by experts was that the backwards facing car seat looks the same with or without a kid in it. My car seat isn’t in the car unless the kid is. Therefore, it doesn’t look the same at all.

And, we have a mirror on the backseat headrest so I can see my baby all the time. You know, in case she needs me? And just because I like to make sure she’s OK.

In fact, I make sure my baby is OK about every five minutes when I’m with her. So the whole idea of going thirteen hours without even checking to see if you have the baby in the house is insane. And you know, I think I’d call it neglect.

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Don’t need to research; GGMG has done it for us!

Check out their list of Playgrounds in San Francisco.

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I am lucky enough that my mother has become “the help.” She takes care of the baby when I’m at work, cooks me diner to go once a week, and buys me staples like toilet paper and wine. Sadly, she’s not available for housekeeping.

I have always wanted a housekeeper, but have only had occasional help, like before or after a move into a new apartment or house. Do you want to know why I hesitate? Because my Spanish is terrible.

But now I have no excuse. I found this incredible website that gives you Spanish sentences for housekeeping help. It’s fantastic. You have to try it.

And if you’re in San Francisco, there is a really great service called La Colectiva where the workers are a collective and they all use eco cleaning products. They also offer $10 off your service if you supply the green cleaning products yourself.

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My baby has a fauxhawk. I guess that’s better than me giving her a mohawk.

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It’s seven a.m. Night diaper situation ended with peed-on bed sheets. She’s spit-uped all over three separate outfits. I’ve gone through two outfits. It’s seven a.m. and I’m so done for today.

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