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Poot City

Can I tell you something personal? It’s kinda gross. Since I became pregnant I’ve had a problem with… farting. Yes, now I regularly sound like my obnoxious younger brother at a Boy Scout retreat.

I have tried to vary what I eat (one day I ate only carbs to see if it helped… nope!) I have cut out broccoli and other harsh leafy greens, given up beans; no luck. I wonder if it could possibly, possibly have anything to do with the whole pregnancy/breastfeeding thing. I do know it’s fairly normal to have a pooty behind during pregnancy, but after?

Why does no one talk about this? (Ha, maybe I can guess). Does this happen to everyone? Is it just me? Am I in fact cursed with (as my mother calls it) the Farting Gene?!


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With all the rain, we are staying indoors too often. Too bad my daughter’s not a little older, or we’d head over to this neat place in San Francisco I found on Red Tricycle: Recess. Mostly it’s an indoor play yard, but they also have seminars and other cool events for parents and children of most ages.

Second runner up to Recess is the East Bay’s Studio Grow, which has locations in Oakland, Berkeley and Concord.

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When I was pregnant and pigging out, everyone gave me the excuse that I was “eating for two.” I hate that expression. They said it like I was eating for myself and for a linebacker, not for myself and a two-pound water wiggle.

Now, I’m still “eating for two” and my body needs fuel to feed the growing wiggle. I, however, am always hungry. I feel like I’m eating for seven people, not for myself and one little blip. I finish eating, and within minutes I feel like eating again.

So far today, I have had three meals and four snacks and it’s only two p.m.! And I wonder why I’m having trouble removing the “baby fat”…

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In my mother’s time, men had less responsibility for the baby. In fact, my mother said she wasn’t sure my dad changed a single diaper. He says this is not true, but that he did everything he could to disappear when the diaper changing began.

I am lucky to have a husband who does part of the work with our daughter. I say part because it’s not even close to fifty percent. However, he does try to get home in time to feed her an evening meal. He also feeds her a middle-of-the-night meal while I pump milk.

So in general, I feel OK about the distribution of caretaking. That’s why I’m having a hard time with how angry I should/should not be about his latest indiscretion: staying out with the guys on a Saturday night until 2 a.m. I feel pretty angry. I guess the question is: how long should he suffer my wrath?

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The Power of Love

Huey Lewis must be a dad. It’s crazy, but you’ve never felt love like you do when you have a child. I mean, people told me this, but I totally didn’t believe them. I thought, I know love. I love my husband. My wedding day was the most moving day of my life.

It might still be, but when you feel love for your child, you feel it through your whole body, like a shock wave. Maybe its the oxytocin talking, but loving my daughter is an amazing high. Wheeeeeeeee!

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Now, Get to Work!

Is it wrong that I want to pimp out my child for her good looks and then cash in on them? I mean, what do baby models make these days, anyhow? Let’s at least get her covering her own diaper expenditures, I mean, they’re getting excessive.

And just look at this face.

She’s a little gold mine, right?!

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A belated Valentine from two of my favorite Valentine’s…

Take a nap with your favorite Valentine...

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