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What a terrific gift my friends came up with: a lullaby book.  My friends chose their favorite lullabies, then collected the lyrics. The book is filled with pages of lyrics, with cute little details of animals and other decorations.

At the back of the lullaby book is a CD of the songs.

And, at the top of each song lyric page, there is a note from the friend who suggested the song. They write why they thought this particular song was a choice lullaby.

What a great gift for friends to make for a soon-to-be mom.

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Thank you, my readers, for being so supportive over the last nine months. Thank you for your comments, for your insights, and for your wisdom. You have helped keep me sane during an insane time in my life.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

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The Show

So, that happened.

I was like what’s that wiggly piece of phlem-like–ooohh. Damn. I think I know what that means. But actually, it doesn’t mean that much. My due date is a week and a half off. The “show” means that I’ll deliver (according to whatoexpect) in the next “several” days.

How many is several? That’s more than two, because two is a couple. So, several is what–more than three? Can I make it through Thanksgiving? Gee, I hope so. I was really planning to milk this pregnancy for all the pie its worth.

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Do you have the best husband in the world? I do. This weekend he told me, “even at nine months pregnant, you’re still sexy.”

If your husband isn’t lying to you like this, he clearly should be.

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Taylor's Refresher San Francisco at the Ferry Plaza

Until Saturday afternoon, I had never caused a public scene. Well, not one that I remembered anyhow. The following story shall be blamed on hormones.

My husband and I were in Napa for our Babymoon, and stopped for lunch at the long-standing diner, Taylor’s Refresher, on 1st Street in Napa. We ordered garden burgers. I realized after we had put in our order that we weren’t asked if we wanted cheese, and we both did. So I returned to the counter with money and receipt in hand to ask that cheese be added to our burgers.

The lady behind the register was clearly irritated by the request, but began to comply, charging me $2.18 for the cheeses. Then, she checked with her line cooks, who said the order was already ready. She told me that “your order’s done. No changes.” She shoved my money back across the counter. I said, “really, because no one asked us if we wanted cheese, and that seems like an oversight, and–”

With a nasty sneer, she said, “it’s right there on the menu, sweetheart.” She shook her head at me and turned to another customer.  Seriously? I told her that I wouldn’t be returning to this restaurant and walked back to the table. Our order came up momentarily, and my husband picked it up. But I was so angry with this woman, who had been so rude to a VERY pregnant lady who clearly needed cheese, that I said I didn’t want to stay.

My husband packed up our things and took me outside, but I didn’t get far. At an outside table far from other customers, I sat down and broke into hysterical tears. “Why would she be so mean?” I asked. “I was willing to pay for the cheese. Why did she treat me like I’m stupid?” More hysterics. My husband had never seen anything like this from me, and was woefully inept to deal with it. But the guy at the table behind us came right over.

“I’m a manager here, what can I help you with?”

I was crying too hard to say anything, so my husband filled the guy in. He immediately took our garden burger order (with the cheese) and told us he would get us new burgers. He then brought us sweet potato fries on the house, and apologized for the woman behind the counter (who he insisted was a really nice person–yeah, to her boss I’m sure she is.)

I had never had such an experience before. We got new burgers, and free fries, and a nice apology, and all I had to was break into hysperical tears. I’m thinking of making it a regular thing.

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So this weekend my husband is taking me to Napa Valley for a two-day getaway. A last holiday, if you will… that sounds terminal, but that’s how people often make parenthood seem. So, whatever.

We don’t usually go to the Napa side (we prefer Sonoma and recommend Gaige House Inn, Farmhouse Inn, and Madrona Manor) because Napa is so pricey. But–we’ll be at this great place called Miliken Creek Inn that friends got us the employee rate for; thank you, friends! So, we’re being pampered but not breaking the bank.

For those on a tight budget, we really like the Case Ranch Inn in Sonoma. It’s turquoise, but it’s also a very good hideaway with a fantastic breakfast. Near great cycling roads, too, if you’re not too pregant…

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Sassy, Sleep Medic

For many years I have had a wonderful personal superpower: I could sleep anywhere. If I was tired, I could fall asleep in an airport lounge, during a class lecture, sitting on a park bench. Really pretty much anyplace.

No longer. I have terrible insomnia. I wake to go to the bathroom, and I can’t get back to sleep. The only cure I have found so far is the cat. I call her over for a snuggle, and within a few minutes, I feel sleepy again. Of course, being a cat, she’s not always available…

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