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24908387For the next week or so, I’ll be decorating my nursery, and sharing bits of wisdom (can I call it that when I have a hard time remembering the day of the week?) about decorating a nursery. I’ll share photos of the finished product when it’s complete… in a few months when the crib is delivered. In the mean time, I’ll share pieces of the decor I’ll be using, and lots of other options for different styles and sizes of nursery.

To get a head start, I recommend one book (and this one is the only one I found that had style, but if you know of other cool nursery decor books–please let me know) it’s Nursery Style from Serena and Lily, which is a beautiful children’s decor and linens shop. There are lots of Serena and Lily stores across the country as well as online.

There are also a few blogs that have some inspiring posts and photos, such as Tiny Decor, Jack and Jill Interiors, The Stamford Wife, and of course, Design* Sponge and Design*Sponge Kids section.


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thinmintcookiesIn speaking with other pregnant ladies, it seems clear that two things often happen to your appetite during pregnancy.

One: you don’t like vegetables (especially roughage like broccoli).

Two: you love chocolate (especially chocolate).

However, it turns out too much chocolate makes you… you know, chubbier than a pregnant lady has to be. So, I have found a few calorie-friendly choco-fixes I would love to share.

47d97738cdc5dAnnie’s Chocolate Bunnies. These little graham cookies are great munchies, all natural, and you can eat a lot of them without feeling too guilty.

Newman’s Organic Chocolate Cups. These are organic, come in small portions, and are free trade or fair trade or both or something.

This cookie recipe for thin mint cookies from 101Cookbooks. Heidi Swanson took the original Girl Scout recipe and lightened it up, with no trans fat. Delicious!

Avoid getting a huge bag of choclates, or one of the Costco rounds of brownie bites. Those will just kill you. Well, not literally, but they might seriously damage your butt. Portion control is also (duh) key; I put treats in a small soy sauce bowl (empty of sauce) or in a sandwich-size ziploc if I’m going to work. And then everyone’s happy–even your butt!

Next week: nursery decor

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lThe saddest thing about pregnancy is that my usual cheer-myself-up routines don’t work. I can’t go shopping for clothing (not real clothing at least), I can’t go have a martini (or three), and I can’t go spend all my money on a new Kitchen Aid because we’re supposed to be saving for the baby (that little money grubber). I can, however, treat myself to something really special to eat (and I LOVE to eat, as Julia Child used to say).

Here are a few really worthwhile special, fancy, expensive (for chocolate) chocolate-makers. Some you can visit in the Bay Area; all you can buy online.

Recchiuti Confections (pronounced Ray-cutie) has a shop in the Ferry Plaza, makes chocolate with Jackson Pollack-like art atop, and they donate to local NPR affiliate KQED. So many reasons to purchase their chocolate.

Cocoabella has a little shop in my old neighborhood of the Marina. It’s adorable in the way that the chocolate shop in the film Chocolat is; sweet and light blue and enticing.

Fiona’s Sweetshoppe isn’t just for chocolate, but it’s the cutest old-timey candy shop in the city. They have British imports, and old favorites, and lots of chocolate, of course.

XOX Truffles is a funny little shop in North Beach that sells all kinds of truffles. They aren’t as pretty as the pieces of art that come from Recchiuti, but they sure taste good!

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chocolate-milkWhy is it that pregnant ladies seem to love sweets? In her book, Belly Laughs, Jenny McCarthy admits to making a pan (yes, one entire pan) of brownies every night in the last months of her pregnancy. And eating them all herself.

I have always had a sweet tooth, but never really a chocolate tooth, until now. Now, I have to have chocolate once a day, even if it’s just a chocolate milk after dinner. Why is this? Is my baby a future chocolate lover? Is she trying to make mommy fat? There seems to be no evolutionary reason for this craving… but the more pregnant ladies I talk to, the more admit to some hearty choco cravings. A mystery for the ages.

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Pregnancy and ChocolateSince I’m on the subject of food this week, can I just say how wrong people are when they see me pigging out and say, “well, you’re eating for two!” No, not really! I’m pigging out because my hormones are going crazy and I can’t control my impulses. That‘s why I bought a giant pack of turtles at Trader Joe’s and then ate the whole thing in one sitting. Hormones. The .03 person inside me had little to do with it except, you know, to increase the hormones.

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Lard-Chips-292x300So, here in San Francisco we have food carts. Sometimes they are called “karts” but they always have food in them. Sometime, twenty-hour hours. You know how important that can be to a pregger person.

The big news is that San Francisco (after years of being hoardish about licencing) will begin to allow food carts in Golden Gate Park. (Currently there is one exceedingly overpriced hot dog stand at the corner of the deYoung/California Academy and JFK Blvd. Kristin_Cart

Well, as reported in Sunset Magazine this month, the food carts move around a lot (which seems to be their advantage) and the only way to know when one will arrive on a corner near me exactly when I want a kurry kart is to stalk them on Twitter. So, here for the San Franciscans who really need it (the pregnant ones) is a list of the carts that have Twitter accounts, and their specialty foods. Click on the link below to stalk these food carts with me.

To find food carts to stalk in your own city, search on Twitter under your location and use the word “cart.”

Magic Curry Kart has… curry! No reports yet on its magic powers.

The Chai Cart has… chai! And sweetie items, too.

The Sweet Cart has… sweets! Like red velvet cupcakes.

Boccalone Salumeria delivers sandwiches and “salty tasty pig parts” on a red bicycle.

Gumbo Cart has… Gumbo! And other Lousiana cookin’.

The Creme Brulee Cart has… creme brulee! In vanilla, chocolate, lavender…

Brazillian Bites has… chocolate! Brazillian chocolate thingies called Brigadeiro, or choclooate shots.

Amuse Bouche SF has muffins. For only one dollar!

The Cookie Wagon has… cookies you can order to be delivered downtown (usually at your workplace).

The Sexy Soup Cart lady has… soup. No accounting for how sexy you feel afterwards, but it is organic.

Late night Spencer on the Go serves frog legs and escargot… just in case you’re having one of those pregnancies.

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156603113v8_350x350_Front_Color-CardinalThis is an actual phenomenon… husbands who get a sympathy belly as their wives balloon up with child. There are theories… none of them credible. I think many men get chubby for the simple reason that they are used to being active with their wives (or at least a little bit active). When their pregnant wives need ten hours of sleep, and eat more than usual… well, husbands follow suit.

They shouldn’t get away with it. Here’s some apparel that will help them remember that you are the one with the legitimate weight-gain, and they are just chubby slackers holding onto your maternity shirttails.


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