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Not me... yet!

Not me... yet!

One of the perks of being pregnant is that everyone thinks you’re amazing and mighty if you do everyday things despite your girth. This will be my fifth year running the same race, but my training and participation in the annual Nike Women’s Marathon has impressed almost everyone. It’s my intro line now. “Yes, I’m pregnant, but I’ll still be running Nike in a few months.” I even say it to random cashiers and check-out clerks. It’s great for a momentary pick me up. They always say. “WOW! That’s amazing!”

In fact, think I’ll go to the grocery store right now.


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EconomyIt’s grossly vain, but I love that delicious moment in the grocery store; that moment when I hand over the bottle of Pinot Blanc or six pack of Fat Tire, and the checker looks at me with one eyebrow raised, and says, “can I see some I.D.?”

I have a young face (despite my years) and when I wear a pony tail, even my students think I’m one of them. It’s great.

But no one asks a big pregnant fatty for I.D. I guess they think, if she’s old enough to be doing THAT she can drink whatever she likes. (The beer was actually for my husband… the disappointment, however, was all mine.) Oh, will I ever be young again?

A little voice in my head (my mother’s?) says, “not likely, sweetheart.”

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Ode to a Button


Once you were a little button,

Of perfect oval shape.

Sweet, and soft as mutton,

like a beauty’s nape.

But then I got knocked up,

and you began to grow.

Bigger, bigger, bigger, ’til

you grew out and down and even up,

so through my t-shirts you now show,

but that’s OK. I love you still.

(Write your own sad ode; ten lines using ababcdecde rhyme!)

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So, how many scary things are there to be freaked out about in the pregnancy-new baby world without this one? Ugh. So, to clear it all up for us is PhD blogger “Field Notes from an Evolutionary Psychologist” Happy reading!

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Tadpole Creations

Tadpole Creations

This part is really the most fun (well, for me at least): finding cute clothes!

It’s tempting to just register at BabysRus or The Pot Barn for Babies, but if you look around, you’ll find some unique and adorable stuff that’s handmade on Etsy. If you’re a super-crafty gal or guy, you might be able to design some of your own adorable clothing. Use applique!

My favorite place to buy the cutest things ever is Tadpole Creations on Etsy. This shop carries clothes for children from birth to twleve years old, so it’s a great place to get a few things for year two or three. There are lots of creature designs as well as numbers with fun backgrounds for birthdays.

Tadpole Creatiosn Gator Patch

Tadpole Creatiosn Gator Patch

One reason this store is especially cool is that in addition to clothes, they sell patches, so you can put cute design on plain clothes people have already purchased for you! The cost of the patches is around $4-5. Makes it hard to want to make your own, doesn’t it!

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It’s true. Even if you count the fairly nice stuff from Peapod Collection, it’s like, ridiculous pricey for what amounts to a very basic wardrobe. 702205_024And, with all the expenses coming our way, who wants to spend thousands on clothes?

So, I am not shopping maternity (except Maternity XChange, of course) and instead am looking for non-maternity items that accommodate a big belly. test-1

Lucky pregnant ladies, this summer the empire waist, the peasant blouse and the generally loose and flowing are all in. Thank heavens. 702842_ESS

I found some great things at the Sundance store and at JJill. Where else has good stuff for chubby bellies?

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crystal_ballSo, when my friend Kelley told me that an old Asian lady had come up to her on the street, placed palms to big pregnant belly and proclaimed, “boy!” I thought, that’s so weird. But it turns out no. No, actually it’s common for strangers to predict the sex of your baby. It can even happen at the mall. At the Sundance store.

Free with purchase I got a prediction of my baby’s sex. Given, the checkout lady did ask (before predicting) if it was OK with us. We said, “whatever.” With unerring certainty, she said, “you’re having a girl.”  She said she’s never been wrong… we’ll see. I know where you work, Sundance checkout lady.

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