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OK, so toys are fun, but what every Mom wants her kid to get for the holidays is clothes. Expensive clothes they could never justify buying, given the cost of diapers and formula. Today’s super cute items are from Hazel… which fortunately also creates women’s clothes, sold through Piper Lime. Check them out!

And… I will be going on hiatus for the holiday and potentially indefinitely. Thank you to my readers over these past two years; it’s been fun. Can you believe it, my daughter is almost ONE!

I am working on a new blog, and when it is ready, I’ll reveal it here as well.


In light of the holiday maddness that’s approaching, I’ve decided to feature several eco-conscious, handmade artisans of baby crafts. I hope you’ll consider making this holiday season a handmade and eco-conscious one! Note that if you choose to buy locally, there is an Etsy Shop Local tool to find nearby shops.

Today we’ll look at Tiny Giraffe Shop, maker of the Mod Blocks. Amy, the owner of Tiny Giraffe, is a Crafty Mom of two little girls. Her blocks are unique and adorable! What a perfect gift for a new baby.

I usually don’t just feature one seller, but this lady’s stuff is so exemplary, I just had to. Mod Mom Furniture, which is an Etsy shop like mine, makes children’s toy boxes by hand… WOW!

Kiersten, the owner of Mod Mom Furniture says she is inspired by mid-century furniture and her children.

Am so impressed. She is clearly amazing and talented and resourceful. I am wishing one of the boxes came with a hinge, but I bet there’s a reason they don’t have them, as even I can attach a hinge. Now you’re impressed, right?


My daughter is almost ready for her own apartment, but she’s definitely ready for some shoes, as we’re taking our first (aided) steps. There are some awesome shoe options on Etsy, and a few other handmade shoe options I’m excited about.

First, PippyToes has some cute stuff. They have formal boys and girls shoes, and some really funky polka-dots and stripes and all sorts of neat shoes.

On Etsy, you have Bobka Baby (shown above and below), which has amazing vegan, organic, handmade shoes. They’re awesome, and for all occasions.

Also on Etsy are these terrific monster shoes from Handkni Hugs… I think they’re wool!

Also check out these…! Also by Handknit Hugs.

I want them all! Do they come in adult sizes? Just wondering….

In our neck of the woods (or concrete, rather) we wear a lot of fleece. It’s pretty windy and cold in San Francisco. Especially in July. But who wants your baby always in Patagonia? So to the rescue is Mack and Co. We have several complete fleece outfits from Mack and Co and have been very happy with their durability and warmth. No website dedicated, but the products can be found in many places, including on other websites and at Nordstrom. Perfect gifts for the grandparents to give?

Tamar Mogendorff is an amazing artist, but her children’s mobiles are simply to die for. Even if you’re not interested in buying one, the inspiration is amazing. You can browse or buy her work at this Brooklyn outlet.

On the Prudent Baby (if you haven’t been over there, it’s essenial) they have a DIY-by-craft area. Priceless. Can’t sew, that’s OK. Love to sew, great, have that, too. Current favorite DIY project they offer is baby shoes.